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Working with Providers and Coaches

Selecting and Working with Providers

Selecting and Working with Coaches

  • This document describes the roles and responsibilities of the Lead Coach.

  • Job description and requirements for Nebraska Pyramid coaches. Rooted in Relationships Coordinators can assist you in determining if a trained coach resides in your area, or if new coaches need to be hired and trained.

  • An excel sheet that provides easy tracking of payments and requirement completion for participating childcare providers

  • This document can be used when hiring a new coach in your community. There is guidance on hiring a brand new coach, a coach with previous experience, a coach in an established community, and a coach in a brand new community.

  • This document provides a list of considerations to help decide if an internal coach is right for a program, some questions to consider as a program prepares to hire or designate a coach, and details about how this might be structured in a Rooted budget.