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Rooted Planning Documents

Getting Started

  • Outlines the responsibilities of the Coordinator at the community level who will be organizing the work.

  • Outlines the responsibilities of a meeting facilitator. This document can be used when searching for and/or contracting with an outside facilitator to organize and facilitate community planning meetings.

  • Provides more information about the role of the facilitator and describes several styles of facilitation and meetings that may be beneficial during community planning, including focus sessions, brainstorming and multi-voting. This document also includes guidance for helping a group reach consensus.

  • Template that can be used to compile a contact list of all stakeholders invited and/or attending planning meetings.

  • Blank calendar that can be used to guide work during the planning period.

  • A list of tasks that need to be completed in the planning year. This is not an all inclusive list but is a start at the big buckets of tasks for the stakeholder group to engage in.

  • This document is a press release that can be modified by your community for use in your local newspaper.

  • Draft of a letter than can be modified and sent out as an invitation to initial or ongoing planning meetings. Some communities have found it beneficial to start with a written invitation and then to follow up with personal phone calls to potential stakeholders.

  • This brochure gives a quick overview of Rooted and can be used as a resource for parents, caregivers, or community members.

Selecting a Systems Strategy