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Supporting Children’s Social-Emotional Development across Nebraska

Rooted in Relationships is an initiative that partners with communities to implement evidence based practices that enhance the social-emotional development of children, birth through age 8. One part of this initiative supports communities as they implement the Pyramid Model, a framework of evidence-based practices that promote the social, emotional, and behavioral competence of young children, in selected family childcare homes and childcare centers.  In addition, communities develop and implement a long-range plan that influences the early childhood systems of care in the community and supports the healthy social-emotional development of children. 

News & Notes

Rooted in Relationships now faces an existential moment: what will the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation initiative that celebrated its first 10 years in 2023 look like without the woman who started it all?

“It might seem crazy what I’m about to say,” Pharrell Williams sings from the speaker in a Tampa, Florida, conference room. Attendees dance along, but around the room some are very serious about their task. They’ve been challenged to count the number of times the word “happy” is used in the song. So why have these early childhood professionals from all over the nation been asked to do this in the “Rev It Up, Calm It Down” session they’re attending at the National Training Institute on Effective Practices: Addressing Challenging Behavior conference? They don’t know.

With trust and local ownership, has come a sincere interest in the work Rooted in relationships is doing and a desire to sustain that work within North Omaha. Temeshia Qualls says that she has seen the pieces of the puzzle come together with Rooted work and feels something meaningful is being passed on to the families they work with. But Debra Nared asks an important question: “we may have an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than us, but what happens afterward?”

TransformED accents Rooted in Relationships’ mission to collaborate with communities and with other state entities so as to build stronger infrastructure for early childhood mental health. As Bradley puts it, “It's imperative to continue to collaborate with other initiatives and programs that support child care providers and the rest of the early childhood workforce. If we can figure out how to integrate practices, we can reduce redundancy and maximize impact.” What better way then for Rooted to celebrate its first 10 years and to set off on the next 10 years of working with communities and with state partners.