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EC System of Care/Community Data

Working with Community Data

  • This document provides a listing of possible data sources and existing community assessments and strategic plans that might be reviewed by the Stakeholder Team during data gathering and work plan development These include early childhood, demographics, community services and supports, health & well being, and existing strategic plans.

  • This document provides common definitions as well as considerations to keep in mind for the stakeholder team during data review.

  • Communities have used this for all Stakeholder Team members to take notes about each community assessment summary that is shared in a meeting. These notes can then be compiled into one cohesive document outlining social-emotional supports available, gaps, barriers, and notes/questions.

  • If the community decides to divide up data analysis and gathering this template is helpful to have each reviewer use. It helps to guide the review of the data source and provide a summary for the larger group at the next meeting.

  • Some communities have found this template helpful when organizing, summarizing, and presenting their community data. It can be modified for your use.

Early Childhood System of Care (ECSOC)

  • An informational flyer describing the Early Childhood System of Care Community Self-Assessment (ECSOC) process and timeline for completion.

  • With facilitation by Rooted in Relationships Coordinators, the community stakeholder group will complete this self-assessment of the early childhood system of care in the community. This tool, along with the other community data, will inform the work plan that is developed for the community. The ECSOC includes a companion parent survey that will provide you the opportunity to gather helpful information from parents in your community.

  • A list of possible stakeholders to consider including in the ECSOC process.

  • This standalone document can be used to distribute to parents throughout your community to collect their insight on services and supports available to them.

  • This standalone document translated to Spanish can be used to distribute to parents throughout your community to collect their insight on services and supports available to them.

  • After completing the ECSOC Self-Assessment this tool can be used to organize the information gathered. Through facilitated discussion the community stakeholder group reviews their scoring and documents their findings per the template categories. This information is helpful as you move towards development of a logic model and strategic plan. Additionally as part of the process, the facilitator may lead discussion regarding common themes across the systems and document. Some communities have found it helpful to add information they have garnered from their community data review to this template and then brainstorm common themes.