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Budget and Reporting

Consideration for Budgets

General Budgeting and Reporting Information

2023-2024 Budget Forms

  • Answers the frequently asked questions about budgets including the budget modification process.

  • Submit this form to make mid-year modifications to your budget

  • This is the Budget Form (without Justification attached). This document should be submitted with your Budget Modification Request Form.

  • This is both the Budget Form and Budget Justification connected in one document.

2023-2024 Reporting

2024-2025 Budget Forms

  • An updated version of the Budget Justification document has been created for all NCFF contracts. Please fill out each category tab with anticipated expenses and their amounts. Select a funding source (NCFF Funds or Match Funds) using the drop-down menu in Column C which will automatically populate the expenses on the Budget Summary tab. While Match Funds will be shown in the Budget Summary, they will not impact the total contract amount for NCFF funds.

  • Instructions for Budget and Budget Justification document.