Budget and Reporting

General Budgeting and Reporting Information

  • This document describes the budget categories and gives examples of appropriate expenses to include in each category. It also outlines the amount of detail that is expected in your budget justification.

  • Answers the frequently asked questions about budgets including budget modifications and carryover funds.

  • This handy graphic provides basic instructions for completing budgets if you do or do not have carryover.

2018-2019 Reporting

  • At 6 month intervals, along with your progress report, you will submit the detailed budget expenditure report and a detailed budget ledger as supporting documentation.

    While the form is still protected, users should be able to select unlocked cells in order to input information and also have the ability to insert additional rows (if necessary). In order to insert a new row, users will have to click on "Insert" in their menu bar, then click on "Rows."

  • At 6 month intervals you are required to submit a progress report to NCFF, this document is the template that you will complete.

2019-2020 Budget Forms

If your community is expanding in 2019-2020, please contact Rooted in Relationships staff for the appropriate budget forms. Communities that are not expanding, please use the forms below.