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Rooted in Relationships Overview

Rooted in Relationships Overview

  • A two-page flyer that provide the basic information about the Rooted in Relationships Initiative.

  • This map displays all of the current communities and counties across the state that are implementing Rooted in Relationships.

  • At a glance look at the overall project timeline from planning through year 3 of implementation.

  • An overview of social-emotional mental health in early childhood, including what it means, why it matters, and what the consequences of inaction might be.

  • This edition of the InBrief series explains how improving children’s environments of relationships and experiences early in life can prevent initial difficulties from destabilizing later development and mental health. The 5-minute video provides an overview of Establishing a Level Foundation for Life: Mental Health Begins in Early Childhood, a working paper by the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child.

  • Outlines the research base of the Pyramid Model