Planning for and Implementing the Pyramid Model

Rooted in Relationships Requirements & Pyramid Package

Pyramid Implementation Documents

  • Draft of a flyer that can be modified to announce the informational meeting about the Pyramid Model to child care providers. (Updated 5/31/16)

  • Application form for child care providers to complete for participation in Pyramid Model training and coaching. (Updated 5/31/16)

  • This document describes the roles and responsibilities of the Lead Coach. (Updated 6/12/2018)

  • Job description for those working as coaches across various projects. Rooted in Relationships Coordinators can assist you in determining if a trained coach resides in your area. All coaches must attend 2 days of early childhood coach training and 1 day of Pyramid coach training prior to beginning coaching. (Updated 5/31/16)

  • Pyramid Budget framework that can be modified as needed.. (Updated 6/20/16)

  • This form can be used for providers to request payment for participating in Module trainings.

  • Draft letter that can be provided to parents of children in participating childcare programs explaining the Pyramid and coaching. (Updated 5/31/16)

  • An excel sheet that provides easy tracking of payments and requirement completion for participating childcare providers

Contract Templates

  • Draft contract for the lead coach that can be modified as needed. (Updated 5/31/2016)

  • Coach contract for year one of the project. Can be modified moving forward into years two and three. (Updated 5/31/16)

Letter of Agreement Templates


Social Emotional Enhancement Grants